About us

Bushflow Herbals is a small family run business, specialising in handcrafted Australian Native skincare products and organic herbal teas. We are inspired by nature and our products are created with love. The bush is our muse, as we are nestled and supported by the ever-flowing beauty of nature that surrounds us. BushFlow Herbals botanical creations are delicately handcrafted using the purest organic and ethically sourced ingredients. 

The profound power of plants and their healing properties is astounding as they help to heal on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The more I explore this wondrous world, passion overflows with mindful creations that I want to share with you, inspiring us to live in harmony with mother earth, making conscious decisions that channel the highest source of self-loving care, health and well-being within ourselves and the environment. 

My name is Catherine Mason, and Bushflow Herbals is the culmination of my passion for herbal medicine. After working as a nurse for 10 years, I started to feel an internal conflict as I was becoming more attracted to natural alternatives and complementary medicine. After having my first baby, I left the world of mainstream medicine, and I have now become a qualified Naturopath.

Upon beginning my naturopathy studies, I quickly realised that herbal medicine is my true passion, as I devoured dozens of extra-curricular books on the subject. I began making my own products, and have been creating and developing new recipes ever since.

I live in a little cottage in the bush with my loving partner and two beautiful children. We try our best to live a healthy, wholesome life, and we hope that our products help to inspire you to do the same.

Lots of love from us to you,

Cat x