How To Make Herbal Infused Oils

September 07, 2017

How To Make Herbal Infused Oils

Spring is upon us and the sun is shining bright. Daylight is lasting longer each day that passes by. This is a really great time of year to start solar infusing oils.

What is a herbal infused oil?

Infused herbal oils are herbs that have been soaked in a pure vegetable oil like olive, jojoba, apricot or almond oil. This method allows the healing properties and soluble parts of the herb to be extracted into the oil.

By simply infusing oil with herbs, you have transformed it into a medicinal preparation that can be used externally as a base for massage oils, salves/balm, lotions, soaps, deodorants, body oils, baby products, hair treatments and much more. 

You can use fresh or dried herbs when infusing oils. Keep in mind when using fresh herbs to make sure the plant material is always covered in oil to prevent it from going rancid. There are 2 ways to infuse oils, the solar infusion and the hot infusion.

The solar infusion is very simple. Although this method takes longer, usually about 3-6weeks, it has been said that you get the most healing properties out of the herb. The hot infusion is quick and a great method to use if you are in a hurry. You need to heat the oil and herbs together in a double boiler, being mindful not to overheat the oil...

Solar Infusion

  • Fill jar just over half way with the dried herbs.
  • Fill the rest of the jar and cover all of the herbs with oil of your choice.
  • Take a spoon or chopstick and gently stir to make sure that the entire herb is fully covered with the oil.
  • Put on air tight lid. Label it with todays date and the date in 3-6 weeks time when you decant it.
  • Place jar is in a warm spot, every few days give the jar a gentle shake to make sure the herb is all covered in the oil.
  • Once ready, decant the oil by straining it into a bowl using cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer, compost herbs.
  • Pour the infused oil into a bottle or jar, label and date it.
  • Keep in a cool, dark place. Most oils will last for up to12months.

 Hot Infusion

  • Fill a saucepan (or double boiler) with water and place a glass bowl on top.
  • Place 3/4 cup of dried herbs and 1 1/4cup of oil into the glass bowl.
  • Put it on low heat for 2-3hours, stirring occasionally.
  • Strain and squeeze the oil out of the herbs into a bowl, using cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer, Compost your herbs.
  • Pour infused oil into a jar or bottle, label and date it.
  • Keep in a cool, dark place.

Herbs that I love to infuse are...

Lavender-  Great to use on sun burnt skin, insect bites, and other skin rashes. Amazing base for skin products. 

Elderflower-  Powerful toxin removal and relief of skin ailments. 

Plantain- Healing cuts, scratches and damaged skin. 

Peppermint- Revitalising  and refreshing for skin products.

Rosemary- Great for hair rejuvenation and is antibacterial.

Arnica- Used externally on bruises and muscle soreness. 

St John’s Wort- Healing bruises, minor burns, skin inflammation, insect bites and minor cuts. 

Calendula- Amazing healing properties for most skin ailments.

Chamomile- Soothing and rejuvenating for the skin and great for babies.

Rub Lavender oil on your temples to relieve tension and headaches...It is also known to help you sleep better.

* Please note it is always very important to know the potential strength of the herb when working with it. Always have a thorough understanding of what type of herb you are using and how you are applying it.

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